shinji_hiroshi (shinji_hiroshi) wrote,

Title: SGC Halloween Caper(Will change title…)
Rating: PG-13
Chapters: Part 1 of 5?
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairs: Jack/Daniel and talks of Paul Davis/Teal'c, Janet/Sam
Words: 5013
Genre: Comedy, Mild Action, Light Fluff, and (1st time!)
Summary: Halloween is lurking close by Jack O’Neill intends to have a party on the base. Ba’al has some plans as well to drop in and take over the world. Daniel’s trusty books are out to finally get him. Some people have a Matrix fetish…(kinda a spurr of the moment fic and my 1st attempt at writing an SG-1 fic.) Also I would like to thank my friend furor_scribiend for doing the beta work on here! ^_^


It was a peaceful day in the SGC. Well, as peaceful as it can be with lack of goa’uld threats and nobody returning from their missions with any type of bodily damage inflicted on them. Save for the mild food poisoning from the other planets, and Carter setting off the base alarms due to some new breakthrough on her never ending quest to improve her doohickeys she had collected in the past six or seven years, and felt the need in the fall season to yank them out and fiddle with them.

Daniel was off lurking in his office behind a mound of dangerously stacked tomes that were close to teetering and falling on the unsuspecting archaeologist and crushing him. Jack had pointed it out to Daniel, but his lover had bluntly ignored him and told him they were perfectly fine and to quote, unquote: ‘leave me alone Jack, I really have to get these translations done.’ So he had left Daniel to his work, but, halfway down the hallway, he could have sworn he’d heard the sound of books falling and a startled cry of surprise, but he’d let it go and went in search of Teal’c.

It was only three weeks to Halloween and Jack was looking forward to it. But for the past two weeks, he had an itch to ask Hammond to allow them to have a Halloween party on the base. Heck, he already had his outfit picked and everything. Even Daniel’s costume and it was already being custom made at a special store. All he needed to do was ask Carter about picking up one of the voice changing devices, and see Hammond about a party.


Pausing in mid step, Jack turned around to gaze at his teammate. The big Jaffa had a few books in his hands on witches and Halloween. They suspiciously looked like thick tomes from Daniel’s office, and were quite dusty.

“Doing some light reading T?”

“DanielJackson told me I should read through them as he stated you would try yet again to make me understand this holiday the people of the Tau’ri celebrate.” Teal’c promptly said.

“We need to work again on you pumpkin carving skills.” He couldn’t help, but grin as he recalled last year. Teal’c had practically mutilated the poor pumpkin he’d gotten to gut, and carve out.

There it was, that famous eyebrow raise, “I do not wish to carve these pumpkins again; my hands smelt worse than those fish you made me gut at your cabin last summer.”

“That‘s the point of pumpkin carving Teal’c! You’re supposed to get down and dirty with these things, and then keep the seeds to replant for next year or clean them off, toss them in the oven with a little salt and eat them. The guts, well, they can always be useful if you want to start a pumpkin gut war, but that can get extra messy and pumpkin guts are hard to wash out of your hair.” Jack added to himself almost thoughtfully, wondering if he could get his team to do something that foolish.

“I will ask DanielJackson when you intend to fulfill this crazy idea you have in store for all of us. I wish to go read these books DanielJackson had offered to me to study more on this holiday.” Without another word, the tall Jaffa turned and vanished down the other hallway.

“My ideas aren‘t crazy!” Jack shouted after the big guy, but let it go as he turned on his heel and moved in the direction of Hammond's office and the debriefing area.

He leisurely strolled through the SGC towards the direction of the debriefing room and Hammond’s office, which was just off to the side of it. He was a man on a mission to convince his commander to toss this little shindig he had planning in his mind. Sam knew a little bit about it, but she wasn’t completely filled in with the full details of it.

As if on cue, the power in the base flickered off and shortly came back on with the alarms going off like mad. Some of the SFs didn’t even attempt to move all of them having a fairly accurate guess on which mastermind was behind the mini blackout. As if to confirm it, the sound of the speakers overhead came to life and it caused a few to look up in interest to see if they were correct.

“Everyone please ignore the alarms once again, Major Carter in my office now!” Hammond barked over the speakers, and just as quickly as he went off the air did the power return, the red lights that had been flashing returning to their dormant state.

A few men smirked having found it amusing. Every two hours the same thing happened but it hadn’t been very funny when SG-13 returned from a mission on P6K-969 and two of the men had fallen on the ramp. One twisted their ankle, the other cracked a rib from their leader ever so kindly landing on him with one hell of an elbow drive, and one managing to make it away scot free without anything done to them, save for some mild comments about they should have got hurt also.

All and all, it was just another normal day in the SGC and Jack wouldn’t have it any other way. It meant he could talk to Hammond in peace, if his commander wasn’t planning on having brunch with the President and talking about their golfing plans in Florida come this winter. He wouldn’t actually be shocked if that ‘was’ the case. ‘Mental note to self, have Carter bug the phone so we can listen in on those calls.’ With that noted in the back of his mind, he passed through the control room and stopped just as the gate alarms went off announcing their unscheduled incoming traveler.

Hammond’s familiar steps echoed down the winding stairwell as he hurried down into the control room in time as a loud kawoosh filled the gate room. Airmen all stood ready and waiting to fire on command for anything that might come through that gate.

“Receiving IDC Sir,” Walter stated as he typed something on the computer and watched as the name came up on the computer screen. “It’s the Tok’ra sir.”

Hammond nodded, “Open the iris.”

“Yes sir,” Walter looked over to the pad for the Iris and placed his hand on it to open the iris so their guest didn’t end up a pancake on the other side.

“For crying out loud! The day has been so well now we have to get a Tok’ra to ruin it.” Jack grumbled more to himself than anyone else, but was awarded with a sympathetic look. ‘I guess Hammond's been enjoying his day as well.’ Jack told himself as he followed Hammond out of the control room and down towards the gate room to greet their Tok’ra guest.

“Let’s just hope it’s a visit and nothing more.” Hammond told his 2IC as they walked side by side only to detach from the other as the blast doors opened allowing them entrance into the gate room and just in time as Jacob Carter walked through the wormhole.

“Jacob it’s nice to see you.” Hammond said, offering a smile to the other man as he watched the former general walk down to the end of the ramp to shake hands.

“It’s nice to see you again also George, but I come bearing some good and bad news.” He was on the ball today.

“See! Every time we start to have a good day you people come and ruin it for us all.” Jack stated in overdone exasperation.

“It’s nice to see you too, Jack.” The elder Carter stated with mild annoyance in his tone but let it go knowing it probably did get annoying when all the Tok’ra did was come to the people of Earth for help to do their dirty work or use the member’s of SG-1 as lab rats, which they had thankfully not happened anymore since the armband incident.

“Perhaps we should take this meeting up in the debriefing room.” Hammond suggested, but it was more or less a statement rather than a question.

The three men left the gate room and guided themselves through the control room and progressed up the winding staircase and moved upwards to get to the room where they could hold their conversation in private without the walls with built in ears listening in on them. However, as they all entered the room, they were greeted to the site of Samantha Carter covered in dust and what could possibly pass for blackish, green, slimy alien oil.

“Carter, are you at war with that do-hickey of yours you’ve been fiddling with all day?” Jack asked attempting to keep a straight face and not allow a smile or smirk to cross his face as the site of the blonde haired woman covered from head to toe from the muck she’d collected on her.

“No sir, but I think I’ve nearly got it figured out, I should have it under control by the end of the night if I can return to my work, with your permission of course General Hammond sir.” Carter replied looking over Jack’s shoulder to the man in charge.

“Permission granted, just try to warn us in advance when that thing is about to go off please. I’ve still got four more teams waiting to come home, and I don’t need anymore of my men walking out of the gate into a dark room and hurting themselves like the previous team.”

Sam gave a smile that was reminiscent of a cat who swallowed the goldfish and the Tok’ra symbiote on the side when nobody was looking, “No problem Sir, but you shouldn’t have to worry for another hour and thirty minutes before the next one should happen.”

“Very well you may return to your work Major Carter, you have the rest of the night to figure out this device before I have it shipped off to Area 51 for study.” Hammond announced.

“What device if you don’t mind an old man asking?” Jacob spoke up finally spoke up from where he’d been half hidden by Hammond.

“Dad? What are you doing here I thought you said your coming next week to go to that Halloween thing?” Sam asked slightly shocked, but happy to see her father at the same time. She hadn’t seen her father in over five months and got a message from him a month ago saying to still expect him for their yearly activity to amuse themselves and Sam’s brother and his family and to also special order his costume. As it was she still remained undecided on what she wanted her outfit to be, and if it was going to be anything super fancy and neat looking that needed to be specially made she had to hurry up and get that underway soon.

“I come bearing good and bad news, which I was just about to tell these two here.” He waved his hand at Hammond and Jack.

“Which brings me back to the feeling I’ve got biting me on the ass. Let me guess: Ba’al has finally chosen to sell the many secrets of goa’uld wardrobe to 17 magazines and making it big in Hollywood soon to star in the next production of Star Wars IV?”

Was that a twitch at the corner of Jacob’s mouth to show the older man had been amused? It looked like it had been, from Jack’s standpoint anyway as he moved over to the table where the others were moving and sank down in his usual seat. Now all they were missing was Teal’c and Daniel to join this wonderful party.

“You are right on the snakehead part Jack; this does have something to do with Ba’al, but not your theory anyway as funny as it would be.” Jacob could see the picture in his head all too vividly on what a goa’uld would do in another Star Wars film. “It would seem while Ba’al was hanging out with our former friend Anubis, they found a way to take down and override the iris codes and the system, or Anubis at least I’m figuring. Ba’al took all of Anubis’ work or what remained of the hidden data and plans he’d had set aside, and word from our operative in Ba’al’s ranks is that they said he plans to strike on Devil’s Night here late in the evening at least here to take over the SGC.”

“And the good news is?” Jack asked, making a motion with his hand for Jacob to spill the rest of the can of worms.

“That you now know about this to be prepared to fight when he shows up, we can’t even get our other spies close to this data and system Ba’al has in his possession. I figure if SG-1 allows themselves to be captured, you might be able to get into the area the data is and grab it and our operatives can help you get back home. However it’s going to be risky; as you very well know Jack getting away from Ba’al’s clutches wasn’t easy.”

Jacob had to remind him of that, didn’t he; he just had to bring that unpleasant moment up to stir up unwanted reminders from a few years ago. “Yeah, and his idea of entertainment isn’t all that great if you get my drift, so much for my wanting to have one giant ass Halloween party that night here on the base.” He sighed dramatically as he sank back in his seat.

Jacob seemed to take interest in this bit of information, as did Selmak since the 2000-year-old symbiote took over. “Perhaps this Halloween party here would not be such a bad idea, it would give your people a way to hide their weapons depending on their type of costume they should choose to wear, and you would perhaps even be able to capture Ba’al in the process. Have this party Colonel O’Neill suggested take place in this entire part of the base and you might be able to have it in the gate room.”

Hammond raised his brow so slightly that would have made even Teal’c proud; the eyebrow thing must have been contagious after nearly eight years of it. “I highly doubt it would be that easy Selmak. I’m sure Ba’al would see right through this idea of ours. And even if it did work we already know the Pentagon will want to get their hands on Ba’al and get him to tell them whatever it is they need to know, or worst case scenario Ba’al attempts to jump out of his host’s body and take another one for himself.”

“Well Sir, for all Ba’al knows he thinks he’s going to be out smarting us by getting past the iris with this toy of his and he’d walk in on a bunch of tau’ri dressed up having a jolly good time. He’d think he probably dialed up the wrong address and I’m sure his remaining loyal Jaffa would be confused as hell by our partying customs.” Jack supplied trying to push the envelope more so he could have this party, and even kick some goa’uld ass to the side.

“Sir, Colonel O’Neill does have a point. I hardly think Ba’al would be expecting this. It would give us an excellent chance to take him out, and if worse comes to worse and he has someone toss one of those devices out that blind you briefly and knock you out we could have some SGC personal standing by to sedate Ba’al and kill off the rest of his Jaffa that come with him.” Sam herself found the idea quite interesting to do. She had already ordered her father’s outfit and couldn’t wait to see it on him when it arrived, which should be tomorrow or two more days.

“I will call the President and ask him. If he gives the plan a go, I will authorize it. However,” Hammond’s eyes settled on his 2IC “No beer or alcohol of ANY kind. That will also include alien drinks of any kind will NOT be permitted on this base. Is that understood?” He had no doubt the President would give them the go ahead with this wild idea, but it meant he could show off his own custom made costume and the new pet he and his granddaughters had got recently.

“Understood Sir, clear as bell. You will not see me drinking any type of beer. Root beer still allowed though or we putting a ban on that?” Jack couldn’t help, but tease his commander and friend.

Hammond shook his head and smiled some finding that funny, but he knew well some of his people would find a way to sneak some drinks in and mix them with the non-alcohol beverages. “Dismissed people, I will go and inform the President of this information, and, like I said, if he okays the plan we will go through with this.”

Jack stood grinning from ear to ear, and waltzed out of the room in hot pursuit of making his way to Daniel’s office. Well if it was still an office and those stacks of old books and journals didn’t topple over and create a bigger disaster making it look like Hurricane Daniel roared through with a wave of destruction or would that be destruction and stressing out? Oh well, he couldn’t wait to get those outfits tomorrow and get Daniel to try out his. He had a little fantasy he wanted to play out and that meant the rest would have to happen when they got home.

Ever since he’d been unfrozen and the people choose to legalize gay marriage, he and Daniel had the wedding about a month after he’d resettled in. The shocking part was Daniel was the one who proposed to him, he’d danced around the topic avoiding it for a while wanting to make sure he was certain before he said those two scary words, ‘I do’. After a final attempt on Daniel’s part and some confessing he’d said yes, but the nice thing was Daniel had agreed to change his last name to O’Neill. So now, he was now Daniel O’Neill. The wedding hadn’t been very big but nice and small, and yet simple and elegant. It had been mainly all of SG-1, Hammond, SG-2, a few other people from the SGC, and the best part was Thor had even shown up to attend. A special gift was promised to them; that’d be sent in about a year, and also something about seeing Atlantis. He knew for a fact Daniel was counting those days down to that huge gift from Thor and his people on a hidden calendar in their bedroom. Sam had asked about it but Daniel told her it was nothing special.

Rubbing his thumb over the ring on his finger, he grinned to himself like an idiot feeling the engraved words that in Egyptian hieroglyphs on the band Daniel had given him on their wedding day. He had taken Daniel’s later after the wedding to copy the same thing his husband had done to his so they were matching; only their names were the small difference. He had no regrets marrying Daniel and if given the chance to change anything he wouldn’t change it for the world nor for all of the English pound cakes in all of Britain.
Turning the corner that led to Daniel’s office, Jack paused in his steps as he heard what could have been a panicked squeak and proceeded to move in to witness the scene in time. Daniel’s stack of books toppled on top of the defenseless archeologist taking the younger man to the floor in the process. He did not understand his husband’s fetish of stacking his dusty old tomes up on top of one another to the point they toppled over and for another matter fell on top of him and nearly crushed him to death.

“Daniel, what have I told you about stacking books up like that, and around you for that matter?” Jack asked as he maneuvered around the fallen books to reach his goal.

A grunt was his response from under some books as Daniel gingerly pushed himself up from the floor, feeling books slide off him as he sat there on the floor covered in books. “Jack, I’m busy and I don’t have time for your antics until we get home later, that’s if I can leave here considering the stack of work I got piled up here, I really need to get someone else to help me with this stuff.” He muttered not even attempting to make a move to clean up the mess that had befallen on him for the sixth time that day.

“Well, I think you could always use an extra hand or two maybe ten to get this stuff done sooner without you having to tackle it all yourself and having to spoil any hidden agendas I might have planned.” Moving over to Daniel, he offered the fallen man a hand to get up, “Come on Daniel up and at ‘em.” Jack urged as he waved his hand a little before the other’s face to make him move to take the offered hand.

Staring at the hand a few minutes azure eyes traveled up the hand of the owner to loving brown eyes only to sigh and clasped Jack’s hand with his left one and got to his feet, only to stagger a bit and nearly trip over his husband. That was the last thing Jack needed was anyone falling on him onto a cement floor hurting his already abused knees that had taken much more damage in the past 8 years then anything else in Jack O’Neill’s lifetime. “Maybe your right, Hammond’s been asking me to pick some people out; I just haven’t got around to actually doing that yet. Not with all this Ancient stuff we’ve been finding left, right and center lately, and maybe even a possible way to construct our very own ZPMs which would be a great big deal of help to us and the people at the Atlantis base, and maybe we could go there then?” Daniel asked hopefully to Jack having been wanting to go to Atlantis since last year, but Jack thwarted him at every possible chance that came his way in getting to go to the greatest archeological find of the century! Only it wouldn’t be known on Earth probably until long after he was dead, and then it would become some massive tourist attraction… now were days he wished for immortality.

“As long as we can return home, I don’t see why not.” Jack shrugged his shoulders and maneuvered through the books on the floor and sank down in the empty chair to take a load off his feet.

“I thought you’d say n…” Daniel paused in picking up a book he was retrieving from the floor and stared at his husband in silent wonder. “We could actually go to Atlantis?” came the hopeful tone.

A shrug was his response, “Like I said; if we can come back and I’m stressing that if. We can go to Atlantis for a month, you can romp around the city to your hearts content and do your thing and I can, I don’t know, fish maybe?”

“Maybe that’s why the Ancients also fled as well when they left the city, no good fishing.” Daniel smirked and moved about gathering his many books back up now noting to make the stacks smaller, and having none topple on top of him again to give him a concussion. That would be a new one in Janet Fraiser’s book.

“I hope not otherwise I’ll be in your way.” He grinned wickedly having a few ideas he could do involving him and Daniel in Atlantis.

“That wouldn’t be good oh, before I forget that place you have making our outfits called and said they would be in tomorrow, and also three different specially ordered collars?” He raised a brow wondering what else Jack had added to the order on when he left the store that day.

“Oh nothing really, I couldn’t make up my mind on the one I liked the most so I just got all three I saw in that catalog the woman had, besides we can always use them around home for something else, oh and I’ve also got some news.”
Daniel was a little curious but cautioned with great care as he dared to ask the question from Jack, “What is this great news?”

“Well it’s good and bad, Jacob showed up and said Ba’al found some toys to play with that will enable him to get past our iris, make it open up and override all our protocols, and allow him and his Jaffa to march in here like he owns the place on Devil’s Night.”

“And the good news is?” Daniel pushed not seeing how anything after that could be good, but that smirk was on his husbands face again.

“Well I was kind of pissed, and blurted about my party plan on the base being flung out the window and actually I got old Selmak, Jacob, and Carter to find some good points out of it. If we had the party, a lot of us could conceal weapons depending on the outfit and what not. Ba’al would come through the gate thinking he stepped into the South seeing a bunch of wild tau’ri partying and be so damn confused for a moment it would give a lot of us a perfect chance to take that bastard down and we’d be rid of one more goa’uld. So now Hammond’s chatting with the president to see if he’s going to okay the plan and if he does we need to get ourselves that first prime and some random Jaffa.”

“What about a first prime and Jaffa sir?” Sam asked as she and her father appeared in the room, both father and daughter exchanging confused looks about Jack’s statement wondering if he’d been possessed by some goa’uld entity.

“Oh Jack and I are dressing up for Halloween, he’s going as the Earth system lord, and I’m his Lo’Taur.” Daniel calmly replied beating Jack to the punch, but watched as his lover beamed like a little child about their choice of outfits.

“Really? Well if that plan goes through Sir, I wouldn’t mind being the first prime, any idea on what your mark is going to be, I could make up some tattoos for us to slap on our foreheads if you have something in mind.”

Jack and Daniel exchanged looks and shrugged, “The only thing we could really think of was using the SG-1 team logo, so if you think that’s good then go and be creative with your computer programs in your lab.” Jack stated with an arrogant wave of his hand.

“I think Jack’s going to do well in his part.” Jacob commented with a faint trace of a smirk on his face.

“Who you going to dress up as Jacob if the president approves the plan?” Jack questioned rather curious himself now about the others plans.

“Severus Snape from the Harry Potter books, one of the grand kids are dressing up as some of the people from the books so I got baited into taking Snape, speaking of which I get to try that on tomorrow and see it.” Jacob replied; he planned to stay here anyway once he delivered the news to Hammond.

“The guy the Golden Trio calls the greasy git?” Jack asked having read the books a little, but never actually sat down and read them all he way through.”

“Yes Jack, you might want to ask Teal’c some idea for a female first prime outfit for Sam. Jack and I are mostly going all leather with a small touch of the Matrix in our outfit, and black…” Daniel added on, needing to make sure they told the people that choose to dress as their Jaffa they could dress up in leather outfits or just use spare Jaffa armor they had stashed away.

“Thanks Daniel, I’m going to go finish up on that device. I think now that Selmak helped me out I can get it done sooner now, and still go ask Teal’c about that outfit I need to get assembled.” With some goodbyes, Sam and Jacob left leaving Daniel and Jack alone.

“Well, I’m going to go finish those reports,” Standing up from his seat he inched over to his husband and planted a light kiss on his lips. “Be ready to go by seven, you’ve got one sexy outfit and accessory I need to see you in my pet.” As if to prove his point Jacks hand traveled down Daniel’s chest to where his navel was and brushed his thumb over the sensitive area where the navel ring was and grinned as the pleasurable shiver it pulled out of the other man.

“Jackkkkk, don’t start something you know you can’t finish.” Daniel hissed trying to calm his raging libido.

“Oh don’t worry Daniel, we’ll finish this for sure later at home, but not until I’ve seen you in that outfit. I have a ton of ideas with you and that leather set that would make even a woman jealous or goa’uld.” Jack teased, repeating the gesture with his thumb over Daniel’s navel to watch him shiver in pleasure almost. Planting a hard demanding kiss on his husband’s lips he drew back leaving the azure-eyed man in a daze as he backed away to exit.

“Remember Daniel, seven sharp!” With those words, Jack left Daniel alone.

Alone and very hard would have been correct. “Damn him.” Daniel muttered to himself, now half hard as he attempted to go back to what he’d been doing. Even since he’d gotten that navel piercing Jack had found new ways to turn him to mush in his very own two hands. ‘At least I can get my own payback later on him.’ Daniel’s mind told him as a smug grin crossed the younger man’s beautiful features and returned to stacking up his fallen books.

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