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Part 3 of 5? The SGC Halloween Caper


Title: SGC Halloween Caper(Will change title…)
Rating: NC-17
Chapters: Part 3 of 5?
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairs: Jack/Daniel, Paul Davis/Teal'c, Janet/Sam
Words: 5202
Genre: Comedy, Mild Action, Light Fluff, Sex(fem/fem)and (1st time!)
Summary: Halloween is lurking close by Jack O’Neill intends to have a party on the base. Ba’al has some plans as well to drop in and take over the world. Daniel’s trusty books are out to finally get him. Some people have a Matrix fetish…(kinda a spurr of the moment fic and my 1st attempt at writing an SG-1 fic.) Also I would like to thank my friend furor_scribiend for doing the beta work on here! ^_^


The next few days seemed to pass by rather slowly. For some, it did pass by faster. The off world missions were cut off prior to SG-11 returning three days before Devil’s Night. That way, they would have as many available SGC personal on hand to help with matters if things choose to take a turn for the worse and Ba’al managed to pull a fast one over them, which some of the staff felt was going to happen. But the Tok’ra were fairly certain, as were a few other not so smart ones lurking around the SGC, that this plan was foolproof and nothing bad would happen out of it, but then again it’s not so wise to jump to conclusions like Carter right away on ideas.

Sam looked down at herself in the full body mirror and made a face wondering if her ass was supposed to show that much in this costume. “Janet, are you sure Teal’c said the outfit was supposed to show off this much of me?” She called after her lover who she now lived with.

Janet came into the room half dressed for her outfit she was wearing which looked like an old fashion Civil War uniform the Generals would wear under their outfit. “Yes Sam, he said it was supposed to be that way for First Prime Jaffa females. Something about the System Lord’s preference to have their female warriors show themselves off a little more. But the only person looking at you will be me.” Janet grinned evilly having plans for later after this little powwow at the SGC. That was if nobody got into serious harm when Ba’al chooses to spoil the party.

“Whatever idiot male System Lord came up with that idea, I’ll personally borrow the Colonel’s knife and gouge out their eyeballs.” She hissed and began to get into the boots the Amazon Jaffa women had sent her as a gift from the last time SG-1 had to help them out.

“Teal’c said it was Ra.” Janet mumbled trying to refrain from drooling over Sam’s outfit and woof! Sam had a tight ass that molded well into that leather pair of pants. “Sam, are you wearing anything under that?” She couldn’t help it now and crept up behind her lover to peal the pants down to peek and found Sam was going commando and let out a whistle.

Sam jumped at the cold hands on her bare bum and fell onto the bed. “Janet!”

“Mom, Sam are you both okay?” Cassie hollered from the bathroom getting ready and working on the finishing touches to her own to her outfit since Hammond had told Janet she could come join them, but had to leave the gate room right away if any danger reared its ugly head.

“We’re fine sweetie!” Janet called back and moved over to the door to shut it and moved quickly to the bed and straddled Sam’s waist.

“Janet, what are you doing? We have to get ready to leave in another two hours.” Sam protested, but more or less knew if they began something here she’d literally wet her pants; an Janet would have to clean them out with her tongue.

“We have time to play.” Janet grinned, bending down to capture her lover’s mouth kissing in a heated kiss. Her hands moved under the tank top Sam had on to play with her left nipple, pinching it and rolling it between her forefinger and thumb to get it hard.

A light gasp escaped from Sam as Janet viciously ravaged her mouth, more or less plundering it like a pirate does when it comes to treasure and other fine goods. She could feel her nipples growing harder as Janet continued her torture on Sam, who writhed beneath the smaller woman in pleasure all the heat she could feel pooling down between her legs and a wetness already starting to drip down onto her ass and in her pants.

“Janet, my pants…” Sam hissed, trying to get up so she could prevent the petite woman from ravishing her senseless.

“I’ll just help you out of those.” Janet purred, and as if she’d done this a thousand other times, managed to peel the leather pants down to Sam’s ankles and reached down with her hand between Sam’s legs to run her hand over the smooth sex of her lover.

“If I’d known that got you excited Sam, I’ll have to strap you to one of my beds in the infirmary next time.” She slipped two fingers into the other woman’s moist sex and thrust them in and out lazily her thumb moving in circular motions on the blonde’s cilt.

To say Janet was a master at this was an understatement. It was she who did the seducing while having the seduce turn around and seduce you back into a pile of mush, and Janet did just that to Sam. “Janet please, need more.” Sam pleaded trying to spread her legs more, but was confined at her ankles due to her pants.

“You didn’t say the word slave.”

Oh, did I forget to say Janet and Sam have a BDSM fetish? Well, now you do. And Carter loved being the submissive one to Janet, which was highly odd when you consider the Major to be the one that wants control.

“Please Mistress, I need you.” Sam begged blue eyes already glazed over in lust.

“Good slave.” Janet smiled, and pulled Sam’s pants off the rest of the way and pushed the nicely shaped, smooth legs out of her way to get a better look at what belonged to her. Sam was soaked and it was a sight to see her lover laying there like a wanton whore on the bed begging for it.

“I think it’s only fair you please me my pet, after all we don’t have much time now,” To prove her point she bent down and dipped her tongue into the other woman’s wet slit, licking, dragging it upwards to taste her lover’s juices. Standing up, Janet removed her pants, dropped her soaked panties and got into the 69 position above her lover. “Lick me slave, and do it well.”

Sam didn’t need another order for that one, “Yes Mistress.” She all but buried her nose into the other woman’s genitals and began to tease her cunt, licking her juices up greedily like it was some sweet tart that she had never tasted before.

Janet began to return to the favor, knowing well how much Sam loved it when they did this. It made things less messy for them both, but it was going to be a real treat getting Sam back into her pants after this. Sam’s whole lower body was going to be hot and sticky, unless she took another shower and dried off good to get back into them; make that a very cold shower for her very aroused and excited lover.

The two women kept going about their business of love making, but as both orgasmed, Janet on Sam’s face practically covering it with her essence and Sam down into her asshole and on the clean blanket she’d just washed. It was then their daughter Cassie chose that moment to butt in, all fully dressed up in her witch outfit, and blinked at the sight of the position her two mothers were in.

“Mom! Sam! Couldn’t you wait to do that later?” Cassie turned around and shut the door leaving the two women to turn red in the face.

“We need to start remembering to lock the door.” Sam mumbled and licked around her mouth to get her lover’s remaining essence.

“Cassie picks locks remember?”

“I forgot I taught her how to do that.”

Janet sighed and got off from hovering over Sam and looked down at her. “I think you need to shower again; I got you all hot and sticky.” She smirked, and bent over to pick up Sam’s pants. “I’ll have your sex me pants cleaned by the time you return from the shower.” Janet promised and really had to ask Teal’c if he could point out to her anymore useful stores that carried or specialized in bondage equipment; it was surprising all the things the former First Prime got into when he began living here on Earth.

Somehow, it seemed that the entire Colorado population had been invited to the SGC for the night. The parking areas were packed to the brim, but it paid off to be the 2IC and have your very own parking spot. Nobody else could take over, well Daniel could, but that was if he wasn’t working, but normally the two of them always rode together now since they got married and didn’t have to hide it anymore what they really did and where they stayed.

Shutting off the truck’s engine, Jack looked over to his lover who was obviously cold, while he was hot in his outfit. Reaching a hand out he let it rest on Daniel’s thigh that had a full body leather trench coat wrapped around him. “You okay Danny?” He asked, wanting to make sure his lover was still okay about wearing the outfit tonight.

Daniel looked to Jack and nodded offering a smile; “I’m fine Jack, just cold and feel rather naked in this outfit. I already have a feeling half the women are going to be bothering me tonight about it.” He moved his left hand to cover Jack’s rubbing the skin on the more calloused hand.

A twinkle began to show in Jack’s eyes as he bent forward and kissed his husband passionately on his lips. “I’ll be the only one allowed to look at you or they’ll pay for their insolence.” He murmured against the soft lips he adored so much.

“Been practicing your lines, Master O’Neill?” Daniel smiled against the lips slipping into his role for tonight.

“Yes my lo’taur. Shall I summon our Jaffa up to the top to meet us? I’ve already had it set so we make a grand entrance.” Jack pulled out the bag of goodies Sam had given him and slipped on the ribbon device, the voice-changing device and his gold contacts that would flash if he willed them to, a special Tok’ra doohickey Jacob had given him to use for tonight but was to return them back to Sam later.

“You’re the Master; I’M just the simple lowly lo’taur that serves you my Lord,” Daniel bowed his head submissively looking up at Jack through thick eyelashes.
A grin twitched at the corner of Jack’s mouth as he picked up his radio and pushed the talk button on it, not speaking for a moment and letting the faint crackle of snow play. When he spoke, the voice changer was already on and he sounded like a true snakehead. “Jaffa, kree! Kree! Get to the top of the parking area, now!” he released the button.

The radio crackled and then Carter’s voice came on, “Yes Sir, and do you really have to get into your part this much?” Sam radioed back.

“Yes Carter, and you were the one who happily leapt head over heels to be my First Prime. Now drag your ass up here and escort your god and his lo’taur to the party.” He turned the radio off, and looked to Daniel his eyes flashing gold in the darkness of the truck causing both him and his lover to smirk like idiots and get out of the truck.

Daniel ditched the warm leather coat and tossed it onto the seat revealing his very sleek and sexy outfit. You would think Daniel had just stepped out of Ra’s ship with the way he was dressed. He wore a long, all black loin cloth made of leather, black sandals that were tied up to his knees, the tattoo Sam had made for Daniel was half seen now above the waist of the outfit. His navel ring he’d changed to a gold one with Egyptian hieroglyphs written on it. He’d even tanned before the whole event and he looked like he’d just arrived from Egypt. Around his neck was a leather collar with more Egyptian writing on it they’d had specially done, just Daniel belonged to Jack and some other light gush that told the story of their romantic lives. A black leather leash was attached to the hook of the collar, which currently hung down on him. Daniel’s outfit basically screamed, “Fuck me here and now on the side of the truck,” but that was going to have to wait for home. They had to save the world again tonight, and hopefully get to go home and screw one another like bunnies the minute they got into the door.

Jack unzipped the front of his outfit to reveal his outfit. His silver hair seeming to add a further brilliance to it and, despite his age, Jack was damn good looking in his outfit; more or less stunning was the correct word in Daniel’s opinion. He had on loose leather pants, black shinny boots, a few metal loops draped around his waist through the belt area giving Jack’s silver hair more of a highlight with the silver loops. A black shirt that seemed to shine up and sparkle if the light hit it just right, the gold ribbon device even more of an appeal to it and their wedding bands shinned brightly from the light in the parking area on them.

“I think we’ll knock the women dead Daniel.” Jack finally spoke up moving to his husband and kissed him softly taking hold of the leash so his lover couldn’t vanish on him.

“I think we’ll knock everyone over. You’re the best looking System Lord since Ra and Ba’al that I’ve seen Master.” Daniel returned a kiss with his husband, keeping close to the other man’s body for warmth, and only pulled away when he heard the sound of Jaffa feet marching their way.

“I think our Jaffa are here.” Jack grinned having switched the device back to the Goa’uld tone so he could show off his acting skills. He stood beside Daniel, stroking his husband’s hair softly and watched Sam leading the group of men. All the SFs that choose to be a Jaffa seemed to be getting a real kick out of it, and seemed to be glad that they took extra training from Teal’c to know their roles even if it was for one night.

“Jaffa, kree!” Sam shouted, causing all the men to halt before Jack, but everyone was more or less gaping at the two O’Neill’s outfits.

“Daniel?” Sam was trying her best not to stare at her friend’s outfit, but it was hard not to look at him in the damned thing; he was hot.

“Yes, Sam its me and I choose to wear this of my own free will. But I think I’m happier wearing this than what you have on.” He pointed to the very flashy outfit Sam was wearing.

Jack grinned evilly, the contacts flashing gold as his amusement level rose higher for the night, “I asked Teal’c to go with the Queen Sumuru, Xena, and First Prime Jaffa look for you. I think it turned out quite well on you.” Jack approved eyeing Sam up and down, as his hand ruffled the back of Daniel’s hair affectionately.

“Could we get inside guys? I’m going to get frost bite in places I don’t want.” Daniel stated as he inched closer to Jack for warmth.

“Yeah, we best get inside as everyone’s waiting for us to show up and let the real party begin.” Jack agreed and everyone but Sam forced a tight square around Daniel and Jack and with Sam leading the way. They marched towards the elevators to head back into the SGC and parade around like idiots and have some good old fun.

For about fifteen minutes Jack, Daniel, and Sam all paraded around the base their Jaffa tailing them, the loud Jaffa steps made some look up afraid, but then laughed as they finally got to see Jack and Daniel’s little masquerade idea for themselves. Everyone was laughing, eating, drinking, partying, and just having a good old time on the base. The gate room even had been all decked out with some party favors on it, food and drink table’s setup inside the gate room and a few in the hallway so the room wasn’t completely crowed.

Jacob and Teal’c were both there, dressed up. Teal’c as Morpheus from the Matrix and Jacob who fit Severus Snape to a T, The black wig did him justice and he’d even gone all out to get a copy of the actor’s wand from the movie. Selmak seemed to be curious and all, but demanded Jacob go off and begin to study this holiday the Tau’ri people seemed to be enjoying themselves with.

General Hammond looked dashing in his pirate costume, his talking red macaw with him on his shoulder snarking at people. But tonight it seemed to like Sgt. Davis who was Hammond’s first mate from the looks of his outfit he even had the cute looking cap to go with it, which caused a few women to turn and coo over the poor chevron master.

Janet looked great in hers it was a dark blue navy color uniform it looked like a dress the way it was cut, but it didn’t fit the petite woman’s figure perfectly. It had some gold and silver decorations made into the material. Her hair she’d done up in a topknot, almost like the Japanese men did, only this one was designed to stay in the back of the head, held up most likely by bobby pins or something a chignon style. Two guns sat snug inside their cases in case she needed to use them; the good doctor was on the prowl to shoot and kill.

As for SG-2, now that was a whole other story; they were all dressed up as the Ghostbusters, and someone had actually dressed up as the puffy marshmallow ghost, which made it all the more hilarious. Their proton packs had that silly string filled in them, but they knew well to avoid SG-1, but they did managed to get some of Jack’s Jaffa unit which resulted in someone having their proton pack stolen and having it used back on them.

Now onto everyone’s favorite man from the Pentagon; Paul Davis. He had chosen to dress up as Jack O’Neill, leader of SG-1. Everyone gave the younger man a strange look for his choice and asked him what stressed him out so badly to make his hair turn the famous silver pepper color. He even had Teal’c go to the trouble of procuring one of Jack’s hats and an extra pair of the dark sunglasses the man always wore when he went off world.

“You’re looking good Davis, but where did you manage to find dye to match my hair to a perfect T?” Jack questioned, having turned off the Goa’uld voice changer, currently sitting in one of the fancy chairs someone had fetched him. Daniel was beside him talking to Sam about rocks.

“Some store in Washington DC specializes in making non-permanent washout hair color so I managed to get this one. I had to show a picture of your hair to just get it right.” Davis stated as he sat back in his seat.

“Ah, maybe I should see these people about some blonde color.” He mused, but then instantly went back to Davis, “You carry around a picture of me?” Now he was eyeing Paul Davis up to see where he could maybe strike to kill him and make it not so obvious he did it.

“He asked me for it O‘Neill I gave it to him.” Teal rumbled behind his lover having returned with some more drinks and sat them down at the table and took his seat up beside Paul.

“Jack, settle down don‘t kill Davis; we still need him.” Daniel commented over his shoulder.

Looking at his lover who was once more engaged in a very animated session with Carter about rocks and something else Jack’s eyes flashed gold, and he pressed a hidden switch to allow him to speak like a System Lord once more. Twirling the leash still attached to Daniel’s collar in his hand, he gave it a light yank and drew his lover closer to himself. “You will address me as Master or Lord O‘Neill lo‘taur. And for cryin’ out loud, quit talking about the rocks with Carter and let’s go back to mingling with the others.” He persisted, pulling Daniel onto his lap and kissed him.

“J-Jack!” Daniel nearly leapt out of his skin as he found himself pulled over to Jack’s lap and sat down on it obediently.

Davis looked around the table curiously noticing the tattoo poking over the side of the waistband of Daniel’s butt flap as most of them had begun to dub it. “Dr. O’Neill when did you get a tattoo?” He asked trying to get a better view of what it was.

Daniel looked down at his left side and turned a little so Davis could see and lowered the waistband of the outfit. He revealed a gold phoenix with the letters POJO marked into one of the wings, “It’s not real Sam made it on her computer, though I should think about really having it tattooed on; I like it.” He admitted, but would have the POJO removed.

“What does POJO stand for? Isn’t that a game website?” Paul questioned a confused look gracing his features.

“Property of Jack O’Neill and yes, it is a game site.” Teal’c answered, while drawing Davis closer to him. He allowed his hand to rest on the Major’s knee, caressing it under the table.

“I should have figured that out.” The Major sulked slightly allowing his own hand to creep after Teal’c’s and intertwine their fingers together.

“You just keep dreaming Davis; you’d have never got it.” Jack grinned running his hand up and down the silken skin of Daniel’s arm.

“I might have Colonel. After all you didn’t even know Teal’c went snooping on your locker and got me a spare hat of yours and the shades.” Speaking of them, he pulled them out of his pocket and slipped them on, leaning against Teal’c. He tried his best to pull off a cheeky Jack O’Neill grin, at which he failed horribly.

“Davis, don’t give up your day job anytime soon. And put those back in the SG-1 locker room would ya.” Jack made a face at the poor re-enactment of himself; and not only that, his precious hat and number one pair of sunglasses defiled.

“O’Neill, it is a miracle you have not been made a host by a system lord; you have all the mannerisms of one nailed down perfectly.” Teal’c oh so innocently dropped in.

“Hey! Don’t make me go to your apartment and steal your movies and Playstation two.” He warned, though a smirk turned up the corners of the former Jaffa’s mouth. “If you got the Playstation three or any other game systems, I’ll take them away too.” That did it and Teal’c moved back to fondling Davis under the table.

As they all sat around the table, talking amongst themselves, SG-1 began to take notice that some of the personnel were drunk already, which was funny. Someone had gone to the trouble, most likely Siler, and hung up a disco ball in the gate room and turned the intercom system into a DJ music station throughout the entire base. Some classic 80’s music had been playing for a while, and then it would alternate between oldies, club mixes, country music and currently someone had slipped in a trance mix, and the odd thing about the song was that it almost related to the entire team.

Brand new space cyberspace
We can fly through the time we are young and free you and me
Perfect face cyber race
We can be "V.I.P." and rich flaming son of a bitch

Tapping his foot to the beat, Jack couldn’t help but grin as it struck a cord in him. It related to Carter, Daniel, Teal’c and himself. Janet and Sam were both up, dancing to the beat of it. Some of the men who where in the room couldn’t help but glance over at Carter and eye her ass that was being shown off to the world in her leather pants.

Don't stop don't stop we reach the top
Wide open fast and easy road
Don't stop don't stop don't give up now
Break down!!!

Daniel couldn’t help but notice what some of the guys were doing and smirked slightly, knowing Sam would be furious; even he couldn’t help but steal a peak. But when a calloused hand pinched his left ass cheek, he jumped slightly on Jack’s lap to see glittering brown eyes looking up at him with an impish glee inside of them.

“Care to dance flyboy?” He grinned.

Golden age golden century
Golden pill that you will take
Golden age golden history
It's your time to fly away

“Yasureyabetcha.” Jack wondered if the old knees still had it in them to dance to this type of stuff now. Once Daniel was off his lap, he stood up using the table to steady himself and felt silken hands reach out towards his own and lead him out into the press of people to join in the fun.

It had been years since he’d danced to this type of music, but he could feel his body wanting to join in and sway to the rhythm and beat of the tune, the SG-1 theme song he was going to officially dub it. He needed to find out later who had the music and get a copy of it from them so he could store it away. He’d heard a few other tunes he’d really liked, and he’d even gone out of the way to request one he’d convinced Daniel to dance to, which was going to take the cake later since he’d seen someone taping the tonight’s madness.

Interface hyperspace
Just a minute from NEW YORK to TOKYO
That's a trip
Interface aerospace
Never more people sick Medicare without trick

Daniel’s hands found themselves on Jack’s hips helping his husband get into the flow of things and he grinned, seeing Jack start to give into the lure of the music’s trance beat. Now he could see why they dubbed this type of music trance; the beats and melodies seemed to entrance the body, trapping it in the world of musical beauty and notes.

He had also taken notice of the song’s particular lyrics and couldn’t help but feel this song was meant for the four of them. He danced close beside Jack for the song; he’d hardly noticed that Davis and Teal’c were up and about behind them dancing. Jack’s own hands were traveling down his bare upper form, wanting to caress the beautiful skin.

Hammond stood up in the control room, looking down at his flagship team and noticed them all dancing and having a good time. The lights in the gate room were dimmed down the flashing lights; Siler had gone about setting up, playing different colors on some of the people in the room causing the place to have some life. He hardly noticed he was tapping his own foot to the beat of the tune being played and smiled to himself, glad the evening had been perfect so far; but it was only a matter of time until Ba’al chose to gate in and crash their party.

“Rraw! Shiver me timbers!” The bird that was currently terrorizing Davis kept pacing back and forth on the man’s shoulders.

“Sir, is the bird always this…” Davis chose his words carefully not wanting to be demoted back down to Captain, “This friendly to strangers?”

Looking down at Davis, Hammond noticed the same tension Daniel had the night the bird wouldn’t leave him alone, “I’m afraid so son, normally though he is like this. I think he just likes all the attention.” Hammond watched as the bird now began to do a little dance up Davis arm unable to make up its mind on what it wanted to do.

“Stand down son!” The bird turned to look at Davis still very intent on bothering him or, more or less, scaring Davis into an early retirement.

“I think my granddaughters have been teaching the bird a little too much.” Hammond chuckled offering his arm, which the bird instantly waddled up and sat perfectly, still perched on top its master’s shoulder.

Davis eyed the bird fearfully once more before picking up a red plastic cup of fresh apple cider and took a long drink of it; he’d need the extra sugar in his system to remain alert when their unwanted guest waltzed inside the gate room. The computer showed no signs of gate activity and he could have went and joined everyone else inside in the gate room, but he didn’t feel like becoming a prime target for SG-2 to nail from head to toe in silly string.

“Any word who won the betting pool on the O’Neill’s outfits?” Ferretti asked Janet, as she was busy at the table getting herself something to eat and drink.

“I did, along with three nurses; if you’d have been in Egypt in July and seen the way the Colonel was eyeing Daniel up in his very revealing outfit it was bound to be used for some type of personal fantasy sooner or later.” Janet smiled cheekily.

Ferretti muttered a light curse and took a drink of the spiked punch hardly noticing the difference between normal and non-spiked, since he’d been drinking it for the past three hours. “That’s the last time I bet two hundred dollars on something the O’Neill’s do.” Shaking his head, the man went off to find the rest of SG-2, which wasn’t hard; all he had to do was just follow the trail of silly string.

Jack bent down close to Daniel’s ear and drew him closer for the slow song currently playing, swaying with him to the song as his knees recovered from the two trance songs that had them all shaking their collective asses. ‘I hope Ba’al chooses to just stay home tonight, I’m not up for saving the world at the stroke of midnight.’ He thought to himself.

“Do we really have to save the world tonight?” He mumbled into Daniel’s ear.
Daniel arms were wrapped around Jack’s neck, and he was smiling to himself at the whining comment, “I’m afraid so Jack. We’re the only ones that seem capable of doing it perfectly without turning around and screwing ourselves over.”

“Hm, I got a nice big bed with your name on it to screw you into later.” Jack mumbled and continued to the dance with his husband.

“Not if I tie you to said bed first.” Daniel replied oh so innocently and pressed his lips to Jack in soft kiss.


Janet: Riza from FMA
Hammond: Pirate Capt.
Paul Davis: Jack O'Neill
Jack: Earth System Lord
Daniel: Jack's Lo’Taur
Sam: 1st Prime to Jack
Pics(not completely like this but blended in with some xena/jaffa touch):
Teal'c: Morpheus (The Matrix)
Jacob Carter: Severus Snape
SG-2: The Ghostbusters
-Major Louis Ferretti
-Major Coburn
-Major Griff
-Sergeant Bell

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