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Part 4


Title: SGC Halloween Caper
Rating: NC-17
Chapters: Part 4 of 5?
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairs: Jack/Daniel, Paul Davis/Teal'c, Janet/Sam
Genre: Comedy, Mild Action, Light Fluff, Sex(fem/fem)and (1st time!)
Summary: Halloween is lurking close by Jack O’Neill intends to have a party on the base. Ba’al has some plans as well to drop in and take over the world. Daniel’s trusty books are out to finally get him. Some people have a Matrix fetish…(kinda a spurr of the moment fic and my 1st attempt at writing an SG-1 fic.)

I am sorry for the delay of this chapter been stuck on it a lot, and I would like to credit VICKI from JD yahoo group for doing the beta work on this. I have one chapter left to go I jsut have to finish it I should have this all done by 2ed week of this month.

It was now midnight and most of the staff was still wide awake dancing in the halls, some sitting down talking or passed out in various rooms stone drunk from the spiked drinks. Word had it SG-8 brought back some booze with them from another planet and only a drop of the stuff would equal that of two drinks, or so the rumors said. Jack had avoided the punch and stuck mainly to the fresh cider, making sure he got it from Hammond’s office. Most of the normal drinks that were theirs remained untouched, but then again nobody dared to get close to the office with that dang bird voltureing inside of it; it didn’t really care for Jack so it left the old cranky hard assed Colonel alone.

Janet and Sam were still among the not so drunk crowd dancing in the multi colored lights that danced across the gate room, the small petite woman leading the dance despite the height difference. Teal’c and Davis were sitting off to the side talking about something that Jack couldn’t quite make out over the sounds of the other voices filtering in the confined space. Daniel sat beside him in a chair, head resting on Jack’s shoulder, taking what appeared to be a nap or rather a break after everyone had convinced them to get up and dance for awhile and have some fun. Jack had sat down to give his knees some much needed relief and tipped his head back to finish off the contents of his drink in the plastic cup. He turned to look at Daniel who was awake, but with his eyes partially closed, studying the other people on the room and those dancing around on the ramp.

“Tired, Danny?” He asked craning his neck to look at Daniel, his hand petting the soft hair he’d spent the past forty minutes playing with, and a light game of tonsil hockey with his husband.

“Getting there, Jack, I thought for sure Ba’al would have shown up at midnight on the dot,” Daniel bitched, wondering if Jacob and the Tok’ra were full of shit and had misheard Ba’al’s plans entirely and didn’t hear he was talking about some other device that had nothing to do with their iris. Although he had to admit this whole party here had been great, having the whole SGC personal on the base tonight enjoying themselves.

“I won’t be all that far off soon.” Jack admitted eyes landing on Jacob who was busy hanging out with the Harry Potter group in the corner; Selmak was talking, it sounded like about the books? He really wished he had a pair of those extendable ears or to be the fly on the wall to hear that talk.

“Yeah, can we just put someone else in charge of saving the world and go home and sleep?” Daniel asked turning his head a little and looking up at his husband through his lashes.

Chuckling he shook his head and cupped Daniel’s chin, “I wish. I doubt half this base is even sober anymore; two member’s of SG-2 were completely tanked and running around like loose cannons emptying their silly string supply.”

“I heard someone got Hammond’s bird by mistake and they got one pissed off Macaw attempting to peck them to death.” Blue eyes stared back into the brown ones studying them lazily.

“Yeah,, one of the SF’s found a loose can of silly string crap and went to get one of the nurses and instead got Hammond’s bird when he was walking by. We’ll have to ask for copies of the tape in the security room.”

“Kiss me, Jack.” It was a demand, not a request.

“Yes, sir.” Jack smiled and pressed his lips to Daniel’s in a soft kiss, but that didn’t last long as limbs tangled around each other, Jack drawing Daniel onto his lap, greedily attacking those silken lips that were his. Daniel tasted of cinnamon and cider; he could smell the sweat clinging to Daniel’s well toned body and the cologne he always wore.

Daniel moaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms closer around Jack; if he knew nobody would stop what they were doing, he’d beg Jack to fuck him then and there, right where they currently were. This alone was torture enough, and he craved having his husband fill him up tonight and make them both whole; he loved the feeling when Jack was sheathed deeply inside of him, making them as complete as the day they had slipped their wedding bands on the other’s finger.

Breaking the kiss, his lips moving on auto pilot for Daniel’s throat, he unbuckled the collar and took it off to reveal the lightly tanned skin of Daniel’s neck begging to be marked, and Jack was all to happy to oblige. He locked his lips on the jugular and began to nip and bite the skin in a playful manner, loving the moans it drew from those silken lips. How he had managed to live a year without Daniel had been beyond him; when Daniel had returned to him from his ascended state, he had promised to never let the man go again. Daniel was far too precious to him to lose and where Daniel went he went; it would be that way till they had to part ways briefly, but they would always be tougher, there was a strong bond between them that not even Oma herself could sever when she took Daniel away from him.

Daniel gasped, feeling the hungry lips moving over his neck, making busy with the area Jack was very intent on marking. He had spent a year of his life as a ascended being and gave up on the mortal pleasures to learn the mysteries only the ancients themselves could offer, and he had left a broken man behind in his wake, the very one he had married to allow Jacob Carter to stop and let him die on that bed so he could go on his journey of the great path.

The meal had been cooked a long time ago for him and Jack was that finished product that had taken a few years to grow past the bonds of friendship, even if there had been denial they had faced it together and shared more than two friends could ever know, or have for that matter. Jack was his flame, he was the candle that had been waiting all alone for the correct one to awaken hidden desires deep inside of him, and Jack O’Neill had turned the key to unlock his needs.

Sweet pain filtered through his neck as Jack sank his teeth hard into his neck, using his tongue to dance playfully over the area of the flesh he was still locked on to. Jack was lucky Daniel hadn’t said screw it and shoved the older man over the table, and ridden him like there was no tomorrow. He’d have even settled for a storage closet at the moment to just feel more of Jack.

Pulling back, Jack glanced over his handiwork and kissed the darkened flesh of Daniel’s throat, whispering something in Egyptian or Arabic: ‘bawi.’

That made him smile; Jack had a habit lately of going into his study that they’d built for him and taking a few books of his on languages, and learning a few things to just impress others or for personal reasons—which did help a little off-world lately. “Yes, Jack, I’m all yours,” he whispered. Moving his head back, he kissed Jack once more, only lightly this time, and hardly felt the collar slipped back around his neck by skillful hands.

“Mine, always and forever Danny.”

“You’ll always be my heart and soul, Jack,” he smiled, resting his forehead completely on Jack’s, now basking in the warmth of the other man; no matter how cold Jack acted towards others, he was always warm and caring to him.

“Sir, we brought you this.” Jack looked up seeing one of his dressed up SF Jaffas holding out what appeared to be black veils—the very same ones Daniel had used back in July to please the damned snake they’d stumbled across.

“Excellent, Daniel, I think you know what to do with these,” Jack grinned, having switched his voice to the snakehead one now.

He couldn’t help but eye the veil warily; he remember how Jack kept asking him why the snake had wanted him to dance with a veil and in the tacky colored, and not to mention poorly tailored, butt flap outfit. “Jack, are you really serious, I have to do this?” he asked, frowning, knowing when Jack set his mind to something, it was unlikely to get the man to change his plans.

“Oh yes, Daniel, I’m quite serious. You didn’t believe me when I said Janet would win the betting pool,
so now you can wow us all over with your many talents.” Snatching the veils from the SF, Jack stuffed them close to Daniel’s chest, grinning like a ten year old who’d just broken his mother’s favorite china dish.

“Jack, when this whole thing is over, you’re going to pay dearly, and I’ve got a few books on ebay you can buy me,” he smiled sweetly, knowing how Jack tended to bitch about wasting his money on old dusty books he didn’t need.

“It’ll be worth it to see the looks on everyone’s faces,” he pressed, wanting to see for himself if all the women would turn to gape at his beautiful husband.


Moving off Jack’s lap, Daniel set about the task of getting the veils on his outfit properly. However he kept one loose, planning on using it on Jack near the end of the song since he knew Jack had picked the song they both danced to at their party after the wedding. As much as he liked ‘Desert Rose’ by Sting, he would have rather danced to Cutting Edge’s I just ‘Died In Your Arms Tonight’ with Jack.

As if on cue, white fog began to fill the gate room, making the room all the more eerie with the dimmed lights and the soft pastel colors and the disco ball casting its lights around the room. The SFs began clearing some of the people off the ramp, causing some people already sitting down to curiously glance at the ramp and take notice of Jack’s SF Jaffa standing on each side of him, three to each side as the Colonel kicked back and relaxed for the show to begin. A lazy hand gestured was made to the one SF to radio in and have the song put on.

“Might want to get into position, Daniel,” Jack grinned, brown eyes twinkling with mischief though flashing gold shortly afterwards due to the specially made contacts he was wearing.

‘I’ll make sure I put you into one later,’ he thought to himself in annoyance as he proceeded up the ramp to get ready, noticing the lights only seemed to dim a little more, going into light blues and silver color now. He had a feeling Jack had done more than just plan out their outfits for tonight, he was rather curious what their Halloween knighting would result in now besides the usual passed out candy and take out.

The song began to play, the mystic beauty of it all very alluring as the fog began to build up around his knees, his body slowly swaying with the beat of the music, the lights wrapping around him, embracing him among the shadows of the darkened gate room. The loose veil he began swaying as if it was in the wind as he moved it, his movements slow and timed, yet graceful. As the first voice began to sing in Arabic and as each vocal was sung, he began to move a little more to the beat of the music, allowing his body to do the working and relaxing, hardly paying attention to those in the gate room now. All he could think of was Jack watching him. He had been so drunk once that he’d sung and danced to this song in their garden, and in the rain for that matter. He’d been sick for a week after that stunt.

It has been a long time,
And I am looking for myself and my loved one
And I am looking for myself and my loved one
And I am looking for myself and my loved one
My life is for you,
And no one other than you.

Jack sat in silence, watching the colors dance off Daniel’s body and remembering that night under the stars as Daniel had this tune playing and danced for him. He danced till the end despite the rain that had fallen over his body, soaking him thoroughly, but when he heard Daniel sing the various parts in Arabic, it sent a pleasurable chill through him. He couldn’t even sing ‘Row Row Your Boat’ without making it sound like someone was drawing their fingernails across a chalkboard. Brown eyes and blue locked briefly as Daniel glanced in his direction, the thick fog and the lights making it look like Daniel was standing out in the middle of a dark forest, dancing to some foreign tune.

I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

He could feel their eyes on him, but he could feel those chocolate eyes drinking him up even more, watching him intently. It made him smile inwardly despite the mini blackmail his husband had thought of; then again, he’d told Jack he’d have to do some karaoke if he failed to guess who won the betting pool.

It figured he’d had to lose this tonight of all nights.
One of the veils was lost now as Daniel allowed the faint draft in the gate room to carry it away from him, landing on the floor someplace in the fog. Pretending it was time slipping through his hands was what the first lost veil was meant to be, and until he was out of them he would have to offer them a dance and he was determined to make Jack join him.

I dream of fire
Those dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire
And in the flames
Her shadows play in the shape of a man's desire

‘Jack does match the description of a horse that will never tire’, and Jack was his flame of his desire, and no one else could ever beat Jack to win that spot in his heart.

This desert rose
Each of her veils, a secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this

Another veil was dropped from Daniel’s hand as he picked up his pace a little now, his taunt muscles flexing as he moved his body around gracefully to the next chorus of the mystic tune.

And now she turns
This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams
This fire burns
I realize that nothing's as it seems

Hammond stood in the control room, watching the scene, finding the whole thing interesting; leave it to his 2IC to cook up one heck of a party, and to get Daniel to do what he was doing on top of it all.
However, he tensed up, as did some others in the gate room, as they noticed the Stargate begin to come to life, knowing very well who it was.

“Sir what are we supposed to do?” Davis asked, looking to Hammond, seeing some of the SF’s that were posing as Jaffa stood ready and waiting to fire when ordered, or fire if anyone attempted to hurt someone in the room.

Hammond noticed Daniel was in a bit of a trance, too busy dancing to the song, giving it his all as he always did with everything else; Ba’al was really going to stumble into some interesting shit tonight, and maybe even think he’d stepped into the SGC version of the Twilight Zone. “Hope we win, son, and nobody gets hurt.”

I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

Jack had noticed the Stargate going into action and knew all too well it was Ba’al. He nodded to the people in the room to prepare themselves to fire right away if Ba’al and his Jaffa dared to fire on any of them first, but at this rate, by the time Ba’al entered, he’d get to see Daniel finishing up the end of the song.

‘Come to think of it, I want to see the look on the old snake’s face on that one.’ He remained seated, watching Daniel as chevron two locked into place and the iris sealed tightly shut, but that wasn’t going to stop Ba’al anymore.

I dream of rain
I lift my gaze to empty skies above
I close my eyes, this rare perfume
Is the sweet intoxication of her love

Ohmonamonamona oooooooooowooooohowoa

Moving down to Jack, Daniel took his final veil and wrapped it around Jack’s neck, pulling his husband with him to help finish this number off. His blue eyes, the color of the sky, gazed into loving chocolate eyes as he finally heard the third chevron lock into place, and grinned at Jack, taking his hand and leading him back to the ramp to finish the song. He had no plans to let Ba’al spoil this now that it was nearly over.

Both of them were now dancing close together as the tune picked up, Daniel had dropped the veil once he’d managed to get Jack up to the middle of the ramp. He turned his back to Jack, allowing the other man’s hands to rest on his hips, swaying with him while the fourth chevron locked into place. They kept going despite the danger of being this close to the gate now.

I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

Hammond really was wondering now if the two O’Neills had a death wish standing right there on that ramp, and watched in silence as the fifth chevron engaged.

Sweet desert rose
Each of her veils, a secret promise
This desert flower,
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this
The sixth chevron soon followed and the two O’Neills kept dancing, hearing the Stargate grow even closer to the final chevron locking, and then he would be here and the party would be all over for them.
Sweet desert rose
This memory of Eden haunts us all
This desert flower, this rare perfume
Is the sweet intoxication of the fall

The seventh now locked into place, a loud whoosh could be heard behind the iris, but within a matter of seconds the iris was opening up, the blue shimmer of the gate illuminating the two men on the ramp finishing the song and their dance up. The two men turned to see a silver colored scanning ball thrown into the room searching for life signs and it scanned only them, ignoring the rest of the people in the room.

‘Time to get ready to bite the bullet,’ he thought to himself, keeping his hold on Daniel still as his husband refused to stop here with the song seconds away from being finished, he wanted to see the reaction they could goad out of the oh so clever snakehead.

The sound of people emerging from the Stargate caused people to turned their heads and watch in silence as Ba’al stood there, surrounded by Jaffa on all sides. However, Ba’al didn’t get that far down the ramp as he froze in place, seeing the two men at the end of the ramp dancing and touching everywhere to the tune floating through the gate room. Ba’al’s eyes roamed down the nearly naked Daniel Jackson and noticed that his state of dress was that of a lo’tuar’s Ra would have considered for his favorites to wear, and then what took him off guard was the golden glow in Jack O’Neill’s eyes. Why had he not been informed the man had been taken as a host? He’d had spies throughout every known planet the SGC went to, and nobody had said anything to him about the all-famous Colonel O’Neill he’d had in his clutches becoming a host! He was furious at not being informed properly.

This is a long time,
I'm the person who loves more
I'm the person who loves more
I'm the person who loves more
My life is for you and you are my life,
There's nothing else but you,
Only you.

The song slowly began to fade into the distance somewhere, Jack and Daniel’s hands intertwining as Daniel slowly raised his head, moving back to rest on the other man’s shoulder, blue eyes hidden beneath thick lashes as they posed together, the gentle chime now gone, signifying the song was over and they had a snakehead gaping at them like they were the latest type of sex on wheels.

“Ba’al, what brings you to MY domain,” Jack questioned, eyes flashing again, his voice still sounding like a Goa’uld, a possessive hand moving over Daniel’s stomach to play with his navel piercing, absently showing off his lover. He snapped his fingers and Jack’s SF Jaffa opened their staff weapons, aiming them at Ba’al and his Jaffa that had entered the room so far.

“When did you take this man for your host?” Ba’al questioned, eyeing Jack carefully, his own Jaffa opening their staff weapons and training them at who they thought were the other Jaffa.

“Just a week ago, Earth is mine as well as this facility, your presence is not needed. I will take over this planet on my own, I have all the necessary means at my disposal now,” Jack stated silkily and looked to Carter, “Jaffa kree!” He barely looked at Carter and handed the leash that was attached to Daniel’s collar to her, “take my slave back to his room and lock him in it, I won’t have him trying to escape on me tonight despite his good behavior for thinking of me as his true husband now.”

Sam nodded, bowing her head like they’d all seen Teal’c do many times, “Yes, my Lord.” She took hold of the leash and gave it a tug, causing Daniel to stumble a little and hurry to catch up with her.

When Daniel and Sam left the room, hearing the blast doors slam behind them, they stopped and shared a glance with Hammond, who was hiding off to the side. He gave them a nod to get their collective asses moving to bring down the reinforcements as soon as possible; it was that or deal with having half his personal in the gate room being killed off; among other things, he really didn’t feel like writing up the paper work for it.

“Why is it all these people are in here and dressed so foolishly?” Ba’al questioned Jack, looking around in disdain.

“We were celebrating my victory, it was all the foolish humans must have been able to scrounge up.” How he managed to hold back without punching Ba’al in the face was another miracle to himself, and obviously Teal’c, who was itching to come out of his corner and take a swing at the snakehead.

“I see, and what shall I call you?” Ba’al questioned, eyeing Jack, approving his outfit though perhaps wondering who tailored it.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Anyone in the room who heard that attempted to keep straight faces and not fall on their ass than and there, and holler like a damned coyote about the joke. Everyone knew Jack had had horrible habit of using movie character names to always bullshit the snakeheads, but the look on Ba’als face puzzling over the name was a sight to see.

“What does that name mean?” Ba’al demanded hotly.

“It means Jedi Knight.”

That seemed to only make Ba’al all the more confused; the sound of a light saber being turned on caused a few heads to turn and a few Jaffa, even the fake ones, to aim their staff weapons at the person dressed as Darth Vader. The loud breathing from behind the mask was ever so comical and everyone was still puzzled by who it was that had dressed up as Vader and his Storm Troopers. “Come to the dark side, we have cookies.”
A few snickers roused from within the room, making the System Lord all the more confused and slightly angry as he watched was going on, his eyes moved over to the drunken human stumbling over to them, causing Jack to send a death glare at the drunken skunk Ghostbuster of SG-2 stumbling over to him, only to throw an arm around Jack’s shoulder, causing more people to inch forward on the edge of their seats in the darkness and clutch their weapons even harder in death grips.

“Get off me, you pathetic worm,” Jack snarled, ordering the SF nearest to him with his fingers to grab the member of SG-2.

A loud hiccup filled the all but deathly silent gate room as the man was removed from Jack, the SF dragging him away, but he didn’t mange to get far with the deadweight. “Yer see here now, J’Oniel isn’t weriel a snark lord. He’s perwetending ta be one! Mighty damn smexy he and hus sand rat.” Coburn slurred, but reached behind himself and lifted his fake proton gun filled with silly string. He fired pink string at Ba’al, covering the System Lord’s face, head, and robes in the pink substance and managing to draw a angered shout from Ba’al.

“Insolence!” Ba’al roared and pulled angrily at the pink string, raising his hand with the ribbon device on it and sending Coburn sailing into the wall. “Jaffa kree kree!!” Ba’al ordered his people to attack everyone now for having been deceived by such a childish game of these pathetic lowlife Tauri.

“So much for that plan,” Jack muttered to himself and looked up see the blasts doors open with more SF’s running inside to aim their guns at Ba’al and his Jaffa.

Ba’al turned his angry flashing eyes onto Jack and glared down at the man, “Foolish Tauri! I will not fall for any more of your games, Jaffa kree!” He ordered them to attack and turned his hand device on Jack and those close to him, sending them flying into the wall.

He was thankful to at least land on someone else and not be the one that landed in that wall, but the impact on the armor of the SF still hurt, just not as bad as a wall would have felt. “Fire!” He ordered despite the harsh tone he had to use to get it out and with the voice changer on as well, which caused a few to hesitate, but thankfully some had more brains than that and began to fire off some rounds at Ba’al and his Jaffa. One Jaffa went down, but Ba’al was perfectly safe tucked away behind the shield from the ribbon device. It only served to buy the System Lord a little time and all Jack had to do was get a clear view of the guy’s hand to sink a knife in it.

However it seemed fate was against him tonight. The Jaffa that still remained dropped little round devices on the floor and Jack could only suppress a shudder, having a feeling half his people in here were going to be taking a nap while the snakehead and his pets slithered around the base trying to get control of it for themselves, which would only help Ba’al redeem himself before the Jaffa he was slowly, but surely losing more of now.

A bright flash of light filled the gate room, causing all gunfire and staff fire to cease. Jack turned the other way, shielding his eyes tightly in hopes that he could avoid the effects of the device, but he noticed what it was doing. The device had sent a shock out numbing everyone, preventing them from opening fire and or moving.

‘Well, isn’t this just swell,’ Jack thought numbly as he heard Ba’al’s unaffected Jaffa moving towards him and lifting his boneless body up.

Ba’al looked at Jack victoriously and lifted the man up by his chin, forcing Jack O’Neill of the Tauri to look him directly in the eyes. “You may have fooled me briefly, Tauri, but after seeing your little performance, perhaps I will still have use for you and your harlot Jackson. I could use two new slaves for my personal entertainment.” Ba’al released Jack’s face and looked around the floor, seeing everyone passed out from all the intoxication in their systems.

“Bring O’Neill with us, we shall begin to take control of this facility,” Ba’al stated with a gloating triumphant remark in his words, which caused Jack to snort.

“You won’t make it out of here alive, snakeface.”

“I believe I will, with you as my prisoner nobody will dare get in my way,” Ba’al drawled in the gloating way he always seemed so smug and superior about.

“Not unless I order them to shoot with me in your way,” he commented ever so innocently to the System Lord as he was dragged bonelessly by the two Jaffa from the room.

“Perhaps I should just take you as my new host…” Ba’al grinned darkly at that, eyeing O’Neill’s body over, very much approving of the outfit the elder human wore, an outfit most suitable for a System Lord to wear. Then he could still keep Daniel Jackson for his personal pet and plaything to use when he wanted, and torment the younger man in the body of a friend.

“I think my idea of being shot sounds much better,” Jack muttered as he was dragged though the empty SGC hallway, wondering where the hell everyone was while he was being gawked at by a damned snakehead.
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